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Thread: Summer Cycle

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    Summer Cycle

    Tell me what you think:

    400mg of test and 400mg of deca for 10 weeks. Clomid last 2 weeks.

    I am 20yrs old, 6'1", 190 pounds looking to put on some solid bulk. And tone up a bit.

    I heard to run d-bol for the first 3 or 4 weeks, what do you think?

    Any and all advice would be appreciated.


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    So no one has given you advice yet? Interesting. I guess this has been attacked over and over.
    Dude your cycle is a perfect one for a novice. Dbol should be run first 4 weeks at 35mg ED. I have a problem using orals so I stay away from them.
    For the test I think sust or omna would be good.
    1-10 sust 500mg
    1-10 deca 400mg
    1-4 dbol 35mg ED (5 mg every few hours)
    week 13
    comid 300mg day 1, 100 mg day 2-10, 50mg 11-21
    I would add proviron at 25 mg ED and have nolva on hand in case of gyno symptoms. You will get some sort of water retention from sust so drink lots of water and eat plenty of protein and complex carbs.
    If you are planning to bulk dude, forget about toning. If you want to tone then do a different cycle. SO do your research and plan this wisely because there are many effects you may not be thinking about.
    good luck

    PS I train a kid that was 6'2 175 ... natually (through diet,exercise, and sups) he became 205 in less than 9 months. So are you sure you want to do a cycle? AND what is your workout history like? Diet as well?

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    Medicin man took the words right out of my mouth. that's the best way i would cycle it

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