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    Question brovell t-200 vs tornell t-200 vs ttokkyo cyp vs QV cyp????

    ok, which one would go best in this cycle, the price is pretty much the same for all of them.......
    week 1-10 test 400 (which one?)
    week 1-10 EQ 400mg (QV)
    week 1 deca 400mg (denkall)
    week 2-8 deca 200mg (denkall)
    week 7-13 winny 50mg ED (probably **)

    which test would you guys go with?????

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    brovel and tornel are the same, very interchangeble. tt cyp is good. cyp has a 10 day half life, enanthate a 7-8 day half life. i have never used the qv test. for the dollar, you can not go wrong with tornel or brovel.

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    i like tornel or brovel from personal use and i have heard that QV is best. but i heard that ttokkyo cyp burns like hell with flu if you can get any for same price range i would do qv,tornel or brovel in that order.

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    Ive used Brovel and Qv both before.. Depends on the price you are getting it for ... I would go with Brovel if the price is a lot cheaper than the QV... but remember Brovel is underdosed so if the price is the same or close to the same I would go with QV ... my source has them both real cheap so I always go with the QV ... Im a big fan of Qv's products

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