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    2nd Cycle 3rd Post need help with cutting cycle

    Whats up Bros,

    Sorry about the long post but I want to give all my stats so you guys can effectively answer my questions. I am a long time everyday reader but I never post due to the great info on the research threads. So all you vets please answer, I'll know who are.

    Age: 26 Height: 6ft 3in Weight: 270 bf: 14% Years training 7
    I am an endomorph, but my bf has been down to 6% 2 years ago.

    AS History: 1 cycle 12 months ago below (put on 25lbs kept 15lbs)
    TT Deca 300 600mg weeks 1-10
    TT Winstrol 50mg MWF weeks 4-12
    clomid post cycle of course

    Next cycle cutting below, I want to gain (and keep) 15-20lbs and lose 15lbs of bf.

    EQ (TT Boldenon 200) 600mg weeks 1-10
    TT Trenbol 75 75mg MWF weeks 1-6
    Winstrol (TT Stanol V) 50mg MWF weeks 7-12
    Oxyflux clenbueterol 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off; ECA on the off weeks.
    Clomid starts week 12 300mg day 1, 100mg 2-11, 50mg days 12-21
    Nolvadex on hand in case of gyno

    What do you guys think about this cycle and the doses? Do you think it is OK to take Tren on my second cycle? Should I use a Test with the Tren, or instead of the Tren? I do not want to get bloated and put on a ton of weight. Especially, since I cannot get any Liquidex or Arimidex . But if need be I can get TT Cypionate 200, Russian Sus 250, T-200, TT Deca 300, or TT D-Ball to add to or replace any AS in the cycle. All Vets please reply and let me know your opinions. I want to be as safe as possible.

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    I think you will be okay on the fina bro, even though it is pretty expensive (tt brand).......but you should shoot it ed or at least eod b/c of its short half life, same with the winny, it should be dosed daily as well. Other than that the cycle looks pretty good, I would probably add some t3 in there though but some ppl don't like it.

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    i'm not a vet but i'll throw you an answer
    i agree with kizer on winny and tren , things look good the only different thing i would do is run clen for the 2 weeks then run eca for 1 week and not 2 that makes 1 week inbetween off both.
    t3 is also good sugestion
    if your not trying to gain bloat type size no test is ok but if you get fina dick run some test to counter act

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