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    I am currently in mid cycle of 500 sust and 400 deca for 8 weeks. Suffering slightly with gyno but Nolvadex has eased that well. I plan to swap to 400 equi and carry on through 8 week cycle. Then I will continue with the 400 equi, adding 50 winstrol eod for 6 weeks. I will then use clomid at end of cycle. Will switching to equi effect me much as I hear it stacks well with sust and winny and I have had no probs with it before?
    Also I have heard of a fat burner called Mini Thin which contains effedrine and caffiene but I would like to know the amount of Aspirin to add for a good ECA stack?

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    if you had gyno problems with the test/deca and the nov helped,chances are the gyno was from the test.and not the deca,since nov would have done nothing to cure prog gyno(which is cuase by deca)

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