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    Exclamation Attn: First Cycle Needs Opinions

    I've been a member now for about 2 weeks. I spend upwards of 2-3 hrs doing research on this board and I have come to trust your opinions. This is why I'm asking you about my first cycle first.

    My stats:
    22 yrs
    12-13 b/f
    3 years training

    My cycle:
    Weeks 1-10
    300mg EQ
    Weeks 1-3
    500 mg Sustanon 250
    Weeks 4-8
    250 mg Sus 250
    Weeks 6-10
    50 mg Winny EOD
    Weeks 6-12
    Clen & ECA (2 weeks/ on, 2 weeks/ off)
    Weeks 13-15
    Clomid 300 mg day 1, 100 mg 10 days, 50 mg 10 days

    I'm only woried about the estrogen effects. I know I have estrogen related love handles and breast tissue that I can't seem to get rid of either, this is the main goal I have. I also want to put on some lean mass and keep it after my cycle. Any help you can give would be super appreciated. Thanks bros.


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    Good job bro, you figured it out. You already have my input, now lets see what the rest of the guys say.


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