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    primo or deca??????

    i have been reading alote of the drug profiles last few days as me and my bro have hooked up with a source.I have been reading lotes on this site for the last couple of months but now am more into the specifics.It would seem like primo depot would be the way to go for a first timer that really cares about his health . 200 mg /week ,would it actually do anything though as far a size.i was thinking deca for a bit but then hear all the deca dick stuff .I am single ,that baby's gotta work .And i dont want to have big stacks ,i would maybe go 2 diferent kinds that about all especially the first cycle.Health and saety is #1 then it's growth .I am not looking for huge gains ,just about 10 -15 lbs so i could be over 200 at 5'8" .I already have a good built and i blew up on creatine 15lbs over a period of 2 months( 6 months ago) .i do evrything right and hard but now have hit my plateau .so i just want a boos6t thats brother is 6'4" at 315lbs with a lbm of 250lbs ,he is one big mofo but needs to lose about 30lbs or so to be pretty lean.What about primo 200mg /winny 50mg eod or would winny alone do it. he is not so concerned about gaining too much just leaning out
    thanks brothers and sorry for the long one

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    for you, i would say deca OR EQ at 400mgs a week, and some test enanthate at 400mgs a week.. then you could throw in some dbol at 20mgs a week for a small kick.. thats a relatively simple stack with the basics in it.. if you are afraid of water bloat, get some arimidex ..and have nolvadex on hand in case of gyno symptoms... if you are afraid to take that much, i would just drop the deca... as for your brother, he could take EQ some Test, and possibly throw in some fina and/or winny..then at the end, take some clen ... just a few suggestions..then again, that might be more than what you are looking at taking..

    Big J

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