Hey Guys, just wanted your input. Im planning on starting my cycle a week from sunday. It will look like this:

Weeks 1-11: Test Enanthate @ 500mg per week
Weeks 1-10: Deca @ 300mg per week
Weeks 1-5: Dbols @ 30mg ED
Weeks 8-12: ** Winny @ 50mg ED
Weeks 1-16: Arimidex @ .5mg ED
Weeks 13-16: Clomid Therapy

All Im waiting for actually are my pinz and the last of my deca to arrive.

I was wondering if it was cool to start the Dbol 1 week early (as in this sunday)? I figuere this should be fine, since it would still be run for no more than 6 weeks. What do you guys think?

Also, Ive read some reports that say ** winnies are 46.5mg other reports saying its like 36mg, do you guys thing the Winnies should be taken at 75mg ED instead of 50 (or rather 1 and a half ** pills, instead of one)?