I mentioned the other day that I plan to start a cycle July 1 as follows
week 1-5 50mg d-bol per day
week 1-10 400mg norma deca & 500mg sust per week
clomid to follow 3 weeks after cycle

Now I realize this is a classic bulking cycle which is what i am after my thing is I know I gotta eat alot but one the other hand i dont want to get fat, i am about 12%bf right now What should I eat my plan is tons of chicken and tuna, but i get arguments from friends (and these guys are hugh and cut pretty well) about my diet they say a guy at my sixe should eat everything and anything when bulking i watch these guys eat pizza cheese steaks chicken wings all that kinda shit and like i said they are growing and not getting fat
I am only 5'3 and run around 160-165 I want to get up to a good 180 or so i think at my height that would be great

Any advice would be great
thanks guys