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Thread: is my fina weak

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    is my fina weak

    on monday i started taking a batch of fina i made. mon & tue 75mg ed. wed i decided to bump it up to 112mg ed. so wed, thur, & today it was 112mg ed. i havent felt any back pains and i have not been drinking any cranb juice. i am wondering if something i done while making it might have weakend it. i am also taking 100mg winny ed (tabs) and 500mg test prop ew. what do you think

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    I think you're fine. Hell, you haven't even been on fina for a week yet, it's magical but not that magical, lol.

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    Some of those kits really make me wonder how much tren is lost in the process of conversion.

    Some has to be lost, so your probably not taking as much as you think.

    But your definatly taking some, cause people have gotten great results using the kits.

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