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Thread: pick me up!!!

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    Question pick me up!!!

    I've heard that when you start to feel weak well after a cycle, that if you take one shot of let's say Deca it will pick you up. (feel better)
    is that true or BS?

    Thanks for your response

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    hehe i use honey in my protien shake to wake myself up


    really tho


    for those that know

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    When your finished with your planned cycle you start your post cycle recovery. This means no more juice and wait the 2 or 3 weeks to begin clomid. You get the pick me up at the gym.

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    Dude DECA will NOT pick you up. It is not very androgenic so it works very little on teh central nervous system. Testosterone is best. Thats why you want to hit the clomid post-cycle to get the natural production going once you have waited for the esters to leave the system.

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    If you are talking about bridging then you would probably want to use something with a fast ester ie. dbol , deca is pretty long lasting. when you are post cycle you dont want to take anything that may hinder your natural test production. thats why bridging is pretty contraversial. Its hard when you are comming off cycle, but you just have to train as if you are still on and wait until the next go round.

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    nothing to add,, except DAMN thats a funny Avatar Picture testaprim!!

    "...just a flu shot!"

    good stuff!!

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