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Thread: eq question

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    eq question

    im currently running 400 mg of eq a week with 200 mg of primo (primo i got for next to nothing and its legit so i threw it in)
    problem is.
    i have a ttokkyo EQ 200 mg so i only have to shoot 2 ccs a week to put me at 400.
    now speaking to my guy and him speaking to his guys and so on, there is no ttokkyo around at the moment.
    only 50mg.

    since i am only hitting myself 2 times a week right now.
    2 ccs of eq and 2 ccs of primo. mon thurs.

    how would i break down a week with 50 mgs. as i see it thats a hell of a lot of blasts.

    im currently only hitting my glutes now.. can i shoot that many times in my glutes a week if?? or do i need to rotate injections sites to my thighs or shoulders??
    any help would be appreciated.


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    you need to rotate injection sites bro,so scar tissue doesnt develop,glut,glute ,delt,delt quad ,quad,dont hit in the sameplace twicw in one week.

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    3cc,3cc,2cc each week in different spot--also i would not put 3cc in delt

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