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    help me with a gh cycle

    okay,I'm about to hook up with some gh,here's the deal : whats the best way to get the best results? I have something in mind but i'd like some advise beforehand to be sure. I was thinking of adding a few anabolics to make for a mega cocktail,such as insulin (if so which kind?)dbol anadrol ,cypionate ,,whaddaya think,how much,what,etc?? any advise would be GREATLY appreciated..thanks guys..also,I'm not too sure about the splits,like 3 ius a day,4 on,3 off,etc...HELP!!

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    Growth Hormone Manual
    Growth Hormone Manual
    It was originally posted on AF by Death on the field.
    this is an article on GH i have been working on, it takes all the advice from the top vets on GH and has been thoroughly checked and also provides citings so u can look at the info and studies urself if u want. this was made to benefit all who are looking into starting GH or need basic info on it. i am not trying to take credit for it since most of the ideas in here are either common knowledge or by MOD or Ironmaster, this is only till ironmaster can get a book out with all his info on it. If anyone has anything ot add to it please do so, its only to help out hte iron brotherhood, enjoy, and merry xmas
    Growth Hormone

    Rating: (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest)
    Weight Gain-4
    Fat Loss-4
    Side Effects-2
    Keep Gains--4

    Side Effects:
    Hypoglycemia- due to lowered insulin levels.
    Aromeglia- (abnormal bone growth) GH does not cause it, but if you are predisposed to it, it will speed it up.
    GH gut- if predisposed and taking large doses of GH
    Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
    Soreness in Joints

    Benefits of GH:
    New Muscle Cells
    Mood Enhancement
    Smoothing and improving the skin
    Leanness, it is a potent fat burner
    Joint and ligament strengthening

    Where to Inject, How, and How to Make:
    You can site inject anywhere you can reach the subcutaneous layer. Pinch the flesh and pull back, then insert the needle in the "pocket" underneath. Doesn't absorb quick enough if you inject into the adipose tissue. Do not inject intra-muscular, though it can be done, it is not recommended. GH is a site injection, where it is shot is where it will burn the most noticeable fat. Most people do it in the stomach since that is a typical sub q shot with most of the fat being in that area. GH should be kept in a fridge; freezing will destroy the GH. On your kit it probably says to use the kit in 18-24 hours, remember these are for AIDS patients, not bodybuilders or athletes. Mixing the GH can either be done with sterile water or bacteriostic water. The kit with water will be fine for 3 days in the fridge, even with the sterile water, but you should not take this chance, rather you should use bacteriostic water and play it safe. This will keep it fine for a couple of weeks. When mixing the GH, let the water slide down the side as to not pulverize the GH wafer. Do not spray it directly against the wafer with any force. Before reconstitution and even after GH is fragile!!! Also once the water is injected into the bottle gently swirl the vial to reconstitute, do not shake or swirl violently!!!!

    1 ml = 1 cc -/+
    100 units per 1 cc

    6 mg = 18iu

    1 ml = 18iu

    .50 ml = 9iu

    .25 ml = 4.5iu

    Some people choose to only do it in cc’s but here is how you can do it in units on a slin dart

    5.5 = 1iu, so 2iu = 11 on a slin dart

    Differences Between Kits:
    The main difference between kits is how many iu’s they make when reconstituted. For example, Serostim re-constitutes to make 126iu, while a Saizen kit.... also made by Serono.... makes up 15iu. Another of their kits makes 54iu. It better be way cheaper than a Serostim kit! Humatrope is fine, but costs too much. The other main concern would be fakes; Lilly is the most often faked one. Some older GH kits do not have holograms on them and are legit, but they are usually only less than 100 dollars than new GH kits with holograms, and I would rather be assured of the hologram and legitimacy of the kit. Best buy currently is Serostim 126 iu kits. These are made for people with wasting diseases like AIDs. Many of these patients got infected because they are IV drug addicts..........they sell the Serostim on the street for drug money.


    4 to 6 iu ed is sufficient. Most people take it 5 days on 2 days off at their designated dosage. There is no reason or evidence why you cannot stay on for various lengths of time; there is no need to go 5 on 2 off other than cost. Considering that our natural production is only .5 to 1.5iu a day, this is still a huge bump for the body. Research has shown that the body's natural defense systems render mega doses of GH ineffective, anyway. GH does not cause gains in allows you to put on a great deal of lean mass in combination with proper steroid and insulin use. The user before taking must know this. One or two kits are not enough, you need at least 3 to make you happy, GH takes a while to make its effects, but remember they are long lasting, what you see is what you keep. It takes 6 to 8 weeks to notice a dramatic change in body comp using GH on an ED or 5/2 split. Lighter doses for long periods of time are better than large doses for short cycles. Like any other drug, the more you take the more the benefits, but likewise also more risks. 4-6 iu is a standard dose but many people take more, the most repulsing side effects happen at or beyond 12 iu a day but like anything else it depends on your predisposition for it.

    How to Stack:
    GH is best taken in conjunction with insulin, anabolic steroids , and t3. Insulin is extremely effective with GH, as anyone here who has tried it will testify. This is because GH injections cause a down regulation of insulin sensitivity in the body.
    GH alone causes little growth of lean mass, however, when combined with insulin and steroids (and IGF-1 if you can find it), the results can be down right remarkable...esp. in the older bodybuilder. Start light with the humulin...5iu...and work up 1 iu a day till you get use to it. 7 to 10iu in the AM and 7 to 10 iu in the late afternoon, with split doses of GH is your best bet. When splitting GH/insulin doses, I use mid-morning and late afternoon after lifting.... both flat times in our natural GH production. The insulin overcomes the insulin-resistance caused by exogenous GH supplementation. If you are scared to take insulin thought, then Gh with Test and Glucophage is good. GH is good for cutting if used alone. Glucophage allows for improved glucose and amino acid absorption by the muscle tissue and does it safely. This is what you want. The half-life of GH is only 2 hours so spread it out. Avoid bedtime injections since we produce the bulk of our own GH in the first two hours of sleep. Since exogenous GH suppresses this, you should not take it before bed. For best results, use a 17aa oral during the cycle to stimulate the release of natural insulin growth factors. I would run the test throughout. GH/insulin/test is the proven synergistic combination.
    It is also wise to preload with testosterone before starting GH if you are going to do it. You should preload with the amount of time it takes for that testosterone to kick in, since most of us take longer acting esters for testosterone you should usually start taking the test 2 weeks before GH use. Likewise, you can accommodate it to fit your needs; the key is for the test to be kicking in the same time you are starting to run your GH. You can cycle you steroids however you want to depending on your goals, if you are going for a more massive look than you would run insulin for most of the cycle and use high androgens, but if you are looking for additional leanness at the end of a cycle you should stop the androgens and run a higher dose of GH or run less androgens. T3 is also another substance that should be used during GH cycling since GH lowers thyroid hormones. T3 should be used for shorter periods though, because it can permanently alter the endocrine system. The magic of GH for men is the ability to gain mass without fat or bloating when stacked properly with insulin, and steroids. GH also makes for amazing improvements in skin...smoothes wrinkles, burns stubborn spots of adipose tissue, gives that paper-thin contest look...and also gives one a real mood lift, a feeling of well being.

    Major Difference Between GH and Steroids:
    Steroids can increase the size of your muscle cells, but cannot I repeat CAN NOT increase the number of muscle cells in your body, which to start with is governed by your genetics. However Growth hormone CAN increase the number of muscle cells in your body, which goes beyond genetics.

    Half-Life of GH:
    Exogenous (injected) GH has a "half-life" of approximately 2 hours . . . a 4-hour period of activity during which there is a suppression of naturally produced GH.

    GH Naturally Produced:
    We release the most of our naturally produced GH during the first two hours of deep may take a little time to adjust.... your body thinks you should be in bed when that big influx hits. It is good to take a nap, that’s when you grow anyway. It always helps to take naps after workouts and injections everyday.

    GH Causing Acromeglia:
    Acromeglia is a either have it or you don't. Supplementing GH will not cause it. Persons suffering from acromeglia, like Andre the Giant, lack the natural defense mechanisms of the body to regulate the production and effects of GH secretion in he pituitary. It is well established in the medical literature that exogenous GH will not cause the disease.... of course it would worsen the condition in those who had it.

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    do a search on the board,we spoke about GH a few days ago...what's youe AAS experience?

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    my steroid experience is very extensive.I've cycled about 7 times now 3 of them 14 week mass stacks..while I 'm sure I'll always supplement my workouts every time and again with as,but I'm kinda sick of getting huge gains only to lose half of it after you come off..clomid,liquidex-arimidex ,hgc,none of that shit really works for me anyway,plus I want to get gains that I will keep..and stay lean as well,plus,who doesnt want better skin,hair and mood?? also,does anyone know what kind of insulin to run?? there's 2 kinds,I'm not sure which to use..thanks again guys..

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    man_of_steel you are totally right. i'm not going to lie, i am looking for the same exact thing you are. Getting big, and loosing %25-%50 of it. I was looking into growth not to long ago.. started doing real research on it on the net for the past 2 weeks. reading and reading. OK OK fine it does have it's side effects. but i mean isn't that if you run it for a long period of time? CAN ANYONE GIVE ME A SITE OF A SHITLOAD OF INFO ON HGH? LIKE FOR INSTANCE, HOW MUCH TO TAKE, FOR HOW LONG, SIDE EFFECTS, GOOD EFFECTS, PRICES, ETC... I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. ALSO I KNOW I'M WAY WAY WAY WAY TO YOUNG TO MESS WITHT THAT STUFF, BUT HEY MAN I'M INPATIEN.. I KNOW I'M STUPID FOR THINKIN THAT... THAT'S WHY I'M NOT GOING TO DO THAT NOW... I JUST WANT TO READ UP ON IT A SHITLOAD SO WHEN I DO GET THE CHANCE, I KNOW WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT

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    dude,I'm fairly ripped now,but I like that paper thin skin you get along with the growth of new muscle.when you bulk on as you get a bloated face and half your weight is water but then with that comes the acne(at least for me anyways..)yeah,if you're way too young,as you said yourself,theres no reason to do it until your levels drop,just work harder and do a few cycles and you should be okay,this shit is EXPENSIVE

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