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Thread: 2 Questions

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    2 Questions

    #1 I want to know about doctors, can you go to them say if your in trouble say with some sort of side effects, like gyno or somthing and tell them that your on steriods and that you need some help. What would they do? Is everything that you tell them all private and confidential.

    #2 And how long does D-boll take to clear out of the body ,before getting tested for drugs?

    Thanx bros

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    #1......EVERYTHING you tell a doc is confidential. There not aloud by law to release any of your info to anyone with out prior consent.

    #2......Companies/Probation/whatever 95% of the time do not test for AS. It is very exoensive to do

    I hopw that helps a little

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    right on the dot...nice reply bro

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