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    beginner cycle with less test?

    First off, I just want to say that this board rocks, and I greatly appreciate the amount of knowledge contained here. I'm a beginner that's seriously considering trying a cycle of Deca and Test ethanate based on cycle #11 at
    I already have the supplies, but not sure how to apply it. For example, where it says to do 200mg of Deca and 250mg of Test the first week, do you do it all at once, or do you dispurse it over the course of the week?
    Also, I'm considering decreasing the amount of test. Originally I wanted to avoid test and do a straight deca cycle, but read about deca-dick and decided I'd better throw the test in. I've seen what Test can do for someone, but believe it or not, I dont need to get THAT big THAT quick. I'll settle for a little lesser gains for less side effects. I've also heard the cycle I'm concidering is overkill for a beginner. Essentially, I'm looking for strength and bulk and dont need to cut at all. I'm cut as it is with about 5% body fat so everything I do shows.
    Anyway, any advise will be greatly appreciated.


    The Seeker

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    when it says to do 200mgs deca and 250mgs of test do it in one day. if you have deca which is 200mg/ml thats 1cc. 1cc=1ml. if your test is 100mg/ml or 200mg/ml thats 1cc and some change. you could even do it in one shot. draw 1cc of deca and 1cc of test and you'll have 2cc's.

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