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    Is it fake or not?

    I recently went ot mexico and bought some Test 200. I examined them and they looked real but when i started using them, they didn't seem right. They liquid was not really thick and the coloring of the liquid was really light, almost clear. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out and tell me what they think and know about test 200? I just wanted to know if i got screwed?

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    its not supposed to be piss yellow. it is supposed to be light. and it really isnt as thick as lets say olive oil. i mean its thick, but not as thick.

    post some pics

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    You should take advantage of the the pics what you got, that will get you the most reliable help....look for posts by gchild, he usually has really good pics of the goods out of mexico. BTW, t200 is pretty much clear. Good luck.

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