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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question

    Im going to be starting a dbol /test cycle, and i wanted to know how bad will the bloating be, and what kinda gains I will see.

    im 160lbs, 5' 10", and been training for a year, this is my first cycle, and im 24

    ill be doing dbol(naps) @ 30mg/day for weeks 1-4 and
    t200 ENANTHATE @ 400mg/week for weeks 1-10

    lemme know thankx guys...


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    Hey bro, it all seems to vary from person to person, and how prone you are to bloating-along with your diet, water consumption, etc. Personally, the dbol gave me a little bloating and I havn't had a whole lot of bloating off of test/deca at 400mg/wk ea. Most of my bloating, what little there was, went away when I stopped the dbol.

    If you are concerned about bloating, then get some arimidex and take throughout. Also, you do have your anti-e's and clomid on hand don't you?

    Good luck and let us know if you need more detailed answer bro!



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