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    Exclamation When you shoot, then withdraw and blood comes out....

    When you shoot, then withdraw and blood comes out does the gear usually come out with it? Is the shot then wasted? I just withdrew from my quad, and this doesnt usually happen, but a whole TON of blood came running out, that doesnt really bother me, seeing as I just went through a vein, but it does bother me if gear came out with it. Think so?? or did I just pass a vein going in, and then it all comes out when I withdrew? I'm just kinda miffed that maybe this could be a wasted shot. Anyone?

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    I'm preety sure that as long as you injected slowly the bulk of the oil would have been distributed through the muscle fibres. You may have lost some, but I wouldn't worry too much. Just wait until blood shoots out like a water pistol...that's pretty cool

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    You probably lost a little bit, but nothing you're gonna notice. My last quad shot i had a nice gusher, sent blood shooting all over my wall. Looked like a fuckin fire

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    Originally posted by Pete235
    Just wait until blood shoots out like a water pistol...that's pretty cool

    isn't it ever...

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    yep as volume of injections gets bigger and you hitting sites more often some coming back out does happen. Yes love the shotters, sometimes they go 2 feet or more.

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    there are 3 ways that I heard of to stop gear coming out:
    1) Before you inject slightly shift the skin sideways and keeping it there start injecting. Once you pull the needle out the skin will return to the originial position and will close the hole you made in the muscle. The hole in the skin will be over an untouched part of the muscle. See what I mean? Works well. Even blood doesnt come out.
    2) You can create an air seal. Either leave about .1cc of air in the syringe before you inject or get some air into the syringe when you aspirate . The injection site should then be sealed once you take out the syringe. Not sure if this works. Some blood came out when I tried it.
    3) Leave the syringe inserted for about a minute or two after the injection and the gear would have been absorbed by the muscle by then. Works well also.

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