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    Whan can I expect from my sex drive as I come off?

    2 weeks after my last Test\Deca shot I plan on 10 days of HCG and then 3 weeks of Clomid.

    What usually happens fo your sex drive during this time ? I may hve female company over the house for the second week (right before HCG)

    If necessary, I'll extend my cycle to 11 or 12 weeks.

    Please let me know what to expect from my penis as I come off cycle.

    Thanks !

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    I've never, ever had any problems during or post cycle with my sex drive. Obviously others might say differently though. It also might depend on how much gear your running too, i've been as high as sust at 700/wk and deca at 600 and had know problems. I'm 25 and between 185-195

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    you may be alright. If you worry about it, then it will make the problem much worse. Ive heard proviron does wonders for the sex drive even when your off but ive not used it yet

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