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Thread: cycle question

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    Thumbs up cycle question

    ok heres my next cycle 200mg deca wk 200mg test enan wk, 25mg dbol ed and anti estrogens. at the end
    i read that when you inject test that it takes a while for it to absorb fully. does that mean that when it is fully absorbed that it is at the peak of usage??? i really wanna work my chest on this one, and i was wondering if thats true, should i inject for ex. on a monday, then do my chest on a wednesday???? what do you think?

    btw the injectables are going to be run for 10 weeks the dianabol for 4
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    It takes a month for the injections to be fully absorbed. What that means is that it takes about a month for all the testosterone in the injection to leave the injection site and make it into the blood. Once it's in the blood it lasts for a few hours and does its magic. Think of it as a time-release capsule that takes one month to dissolve. If you inject once a week it takes about 4 weeks to get a peak level in your blood.

    The 200mg/wk may be a little low for you - depends on your weight. Good luck.

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    you will grow off 200mg/week test if this is your first cycle, assuming your diet and training are in order

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