every one seems to have the same problem if they have gyno or think they have it , a bb sized fatty deposit behind the nipple , soreness , itching etc. im no doctor but i also read somewhere that if u have an asshole friend who thinks he's funny by giving people titty twisters that can also cause a fatty deposit or hard lump behind the nipple. also i have a couple family members who had the same problem one was my aunt and the other was an uncle who was never on juice ...u could probably just have that lump naturally i duno wut the chances of that are tho. i have a friend who always did it to me the damn kid could find ur nipple if u were wearin 8 layers of clothing and now i have a hard lump behind my left nipple. there is no irritation or liquid comin from it and i doubt its from the deca im taking (1cc a week im onlin in week4) but n e way im goin to get it checked out next week at the docs and see if i can get some novalex or somethin from him just in case if not i gota find it somewhere else if you know where let me not. what im tryin to say is that dont get all paranoid it could be gyno but you can help prevent it if u stop it early enough or it could be ur dumb ass friend givin u titty twisters. just never be afraid to tell ur doc, its their job to help you and what you say stays between you guys. its better to be prepared for the worst and not have the worst happen than to have somethin bad happen and totally ignore it or be unprepared for it. thanks for listening ..........later