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Thread: 200 mg of Eq?

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    200 mg of Eq?

    Has anyone tried this low of a dose? Everyone says this is too low so surely someone has tried it. This would be in conjunction with test.

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    You're going to have to give more details - weight, age, experience, objectives.

    How much test do you plan to stack with it? 250mg/wk test and 300mg/wk equipoise is the lowest anyone will ever recommend even the light dosers!

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    Well I've been down this road already. I've searched the issue and the general consensus is that 200 mg of eq is too low for any circumstance. I just want to know why and has someone tried it and found out that 200 mg doesn't work.

    For the record again, 5'6 160lbs 2 1/2 years 25 y.o. Running the eq with 200mg of test.

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