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    my milk thistle!

    ok heres my dilema, i heard milk thistle is good to take when on dbol 40 mg a day. But i also heard that milk thistle could hurt your gains, is this true? when should i take the milk thistle if i do take it, should i take it right with the dbol at the same time or what?

    thanks a lot for any input

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    well i am not that sure but i also though what you thought. about reduceing your gains. Well here is what i did. I took like one milk thistler a day while on the dbol , for like 2 weeks, and then i was like f**K it, so i stoped, and after i stoped taking dbol, i started taking milk thistler. I took 3 softgel capsules a day. one in the morning with 1 gram of vitemin C. 1 in the after noon, and 1 at night with 1 gram of vitamin C. just trying to help

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    I'm not 100% sure about this, but I don't think it hurts your gains at all.
    Don't forget to take ala.

    Wait for an expierenced bro to confirm this.

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    I doesn't hurt your gains but it doesn't do much to protect your liver from Dbol either. Use Tyler Liver Detox and ALA for that.

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