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Thread: neotest250??

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    does anyone know anything about the loeffler neotest 250?? what exactly does it do?? any bad side effects such as acne/gyno??? please help

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    I know nothing about it, all I can tell you is that Loeffler has a pretty bad rep around here for just about everything they make except their reforvit. If neotest is sus or cyp, it it more than likely crap. I'd avoid their products. Then again, this is just hearsay; I've never used their products because of their terrible reputation.

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    there shit sucks its dirty undrdosed .and um rocksta before u do touch anything do your self a favor bro and really do some research on this ,no flame bro but u sound pretty clueless.its test ,so obviously it does what other tests do ,acne and gyno?thats all on the person it differes.dpending how prone u are,to both,and those sideeffects are posiible with multiple other as not just neotest,

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