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    Talking Week 5 Update...

    I have finished week 5 of a 10 week cycle of 400mg/wk of T200 and 400mg/wk of TT EQ. I am happy as can be with the results so far. I started at 179lbs and now I am at 196lbs. I know some is water and some is fat, but I am still vascular and have a good amount of detail. My strength continues to increase each week and my workouts are getting more intense. This is great! Thanks to everyone for guidance along the way. Later Bro's.

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    Sounds like you're doing well bro, your results are good so far. Keep it up and don't stop growing. Good luck...

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    good to hear, im staring the same cycle but with deca 200mg/wk and winny last 7 weeks. keep us informed, congratulations so far

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