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    Standard Drug Test?

    My Company is implementing random drug testing, which i think is weak but oh well. Smallish company about 100 employees.
    Question is will a "standard" drug test pick up AS or Clen ?
    Im not too worried because I am pretty good friends with both the Pres and VP and if it came down to it and I tested dirty I would be honest and probably wouldnt lose my job. Just curious if AS testing is usualy included in these tests, I always thought they were looking for Meth/MJ.
    Thanks all

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    Cool The wonderful, wacky, Five-Panel Screen...

    . . . used by most companies and governmental agencies for drug testing looks for five items: THC (marijuana), PCP, amphetamines, opiates, and cocaine.

    It does not pick up anabolic steroids at all.

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    cuz 4 people at my company are on/off juice at different times
    What about Clen /T3?
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