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    oral AS are they safe

    anavar was rated the safest along with primo on the safest AS post .Isnt anavar an oral which means it's bad for the liver eventhough it is a weak oral?

    What about winny i also read in the safest steroid post that winny is bad for the liver ,but is that only the case when taken the orals?
    And what about the injectable winny?

    I heard that all oral AS should be avoided , what do you guy's think?

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    true orals are more dangerous even winny injected.
    anavar being the safest.
    with proper protection and daily cleaning of your liver you will be ok
    the was a thread by mike a long time ago about orals and effects
    that was a really good read.ill look for it and put it up.i think it was titled "how dangerous are oral" or "17aa steroids "(i think)
    you could also have liver values checke pre and post cycle by your DR.

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