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    Winnie: 25mg ed (6 weeks) or 50mg ed 3 weeks?

    Hey bros.
    I'm currently entering week 6 of this cycle:

    Week 1-8: 250 Test. Cyp and 250Omnas weekly
    Week 1-5: 75mg Fina injected eod.
    Week 5-8: 200mg Deca per week (for lubricating joints mainly)

    I added Winnie this week. I have 20ml of it at 50mg/ml.
    So I can do either 6 weeks at 25mg ed or 3 weeks at 50mg ed.

    Which one do you think would be better???


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    i would do 50mg/every day for 3 weeks 25mg is not enough you'll be milking it and noyt getting much gains !!

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