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    Side Effects - Getting a Fever

    Anyone ever heard of getting a fever by using D-Bol combined with Testovirin ? I did a 1cc shot of Testovirin 250 last night, and took two D-bol tabs this morning.. by late afternoon, I had a fever of a 102F...

    Any ideas ?

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    dude... i get a fever from dbol thats why i cant use it... testov ... i absolutely LOVE never had a problem with it... however, your body may be producing an immune response to the drugs because its sees it as foreign... take some IBP and see if the fever goes away. If you have the fever for TOO LONG... stop using the dbol...
    good luck
    * ice your head bro... or put cold wash cloth on there... 102 is very dangerous!

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    Thanks for the info dude...

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