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    new start to it all!

    My name is Bismarck and I am from South Africa.At this moment I live in England,working and doing the one thing I love to do the most,and that is to go to the gym and lift up some weights.In weather like this it is the best thing to do!"About a month ago I asked a question to all but, I did lack some information."Thank you for your replies".I now have the correct information and I would would be very thank full if you guys could give me some information on this.
    Just want to know if this is a good combenation of steroids ?And I was thinking of taking it in a 10 week cycle?Should I inject 1ml of each per week?
    Or what should I do.
    I have:
    Deca -Durabolin 25mg/ml: (10 one ml ampoules)
    Sustanon '250': (10 one ml ampoules)
    Depotrone Injection: each 2 ml contains:Testosterone Cypionate 200mg.
    (10 two ml ampoules)
    Primobolan S Tablets :1tablet contains metenolone acetate 25mg.
    "Thank you!"

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    What are your current stats?

    and how often do you resistance train?

    With this info im sure someone here can help you
    Welcome to AR!

    spend some time using the search tool and you will love all the things you will learn there.

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    S.A. you say,so that make us both "BOERE"Ek is net nog in S.A.
    If you do more research you will see that your deca intake must be 300-400mg p/w and sus, 500 p/w
    Moet dit nie halfhartig doen nie,maak seker jy het al jou "gear" voor jy begin!

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