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    Smile friends question

    i have a female friend whos married whos hubby can't get it up due to blood pressure meds. Shes not happy, he's taking test 400mg. one shot every three(3)weeks, and besides he weighs 350 lbs. She was wondering if this was enough test for a man his size? and what kind of gear he could take to boost his sex drive and also help him lose weight...and by the way he is under a doctors care for his test. He's 47 yrs old.

    Thanks guys as always

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    wow..i think you friend needs to do some serious research...first of might be more then just his test levels that are giving him the problem. May be something mental, or it could be some problem with blood flow to the area. I am not a doctor so my advice would be tell him to suck it up and go see a doctor. If it is a test problem first of all 400mg every three weeks...who told him this????

    what kind of test is it? 400mg/every 3 weeks..not enough..but I don't really think that it is a test problem. I really think he should see a Dr.

    and about him being 350lbs and wanting to lose weight. He doesn't need to take AS he needs a lifestlye change. NO FLAME INTENDED!!!

    Tell him to sign that he can learn about fat loss and proper diet and nutriention. Tell him to by a book called "body for life" by Bill Phillips that is a great start for him.

    good luck bro.

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