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    Question Will HGH,Deca or PRIMO Mess with my General Anxiety Disorder?

    Hey Guys,
    I have been around the boards reading everything about HGH and it seems that it would actually help with my anxiety. However I don't know for sure about the Deca or Primo. If anybody could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.
    age 33
    weight 210
    height 6'0
    arms 17.5
    waist 33
    calves 16-17
    bf 9-10%?
    quads 24-25


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    I used to have that disorder but it has started to fade away over the last year. To me being on makes me more confindent and sure about myself making it easier to deal with situations like the ones that are hard for you.


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    IMO, the hGH would not make things worse I would not think. Only thing is it will take at least 3 months for you to see any results with hGH and you need to run it for at least 6 months to get the real benefit from it.

    As for the Deca I would think that it could. My doc told me that he really didn't want me doing deca with my testosterone because I was doing so good about my fatigue issues by taking the testosterone. I dont have an anxiety disorder I just have hypogondasim (my system does not make enough testosterone anymore so I need to take injections of test). Not that the deca was bad with test, its not. It actually is good to do test with deca.

    The point is the doc told me that deca can cause depression if it makes you loose your sex drive and all. And we worked really hard getting me better and he didn't want me to screw things up in the event I got deca dick. I went ahead and did the deca and so far no problems with the fatigue or the sex drive. I have a really cool doc that works with me on this stuff. I guess I am just lucky to have found him.

    I feel as strong as a bull too. Its great. I am breaking all my records in the gym again and putting on muscle mass too. The hGH is helping me loss that fat around the waist while I am still eating like a horse. Deca and test is a good way to go as long as you keep an eye on the lab work.

    I did liver levels and they jumped up so I started using Tylers liver detox, r-ala, and milk thistle. I am going to monitor the levels every two weeks and keep an eye on them however.

    I wish I could give you a yes or no answer but I think that would be wrong of me to do that. Thing about deca is it stays with you for at least three weeks and can test in your system for 18 months. If you start to have trouble with the deca three weeks is a long time to deal with anxiety fears. Test on the other hand clears your system usually in 10 to 12 days and most of its affects is out in a week.

    I have not used PRIMO so maybe another member can help here.

    BTW I am not saying do it or not do it thats up to you. I dont think your body is going to react the same as mine so you need to go slow and learn how your body is going to take this stuff in.

    My total test level was 3400 last week and I never have had roid rage or anything like that so my personality and body is able to deal with high test levels. Everybody is different however so pls be careful and go slow.

    You dont want to start something like Deca and have it in your body for three weeks causing you to think about shoting your brains out cause you cant deal with the anxiety its causing you. Pls be careful.....

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