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Thread: Sex Drive

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    Sex Drive

    Hey guys/gals, I just started my FIRST cycle, and wanted to know:

    Does T200/EQ/Winny increase sex drive?

    I just started my cycle 3 days ago, only taken 1 shot, and I SWEAR my sex-drive has already picked up!!!

    I've only taken the EQ/T200.....1cc of each, 2x/week. ( Mon,Thurs)

    I can imagine how much my sex-drive will increase over the next 10 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

    Does it really increase sex-drive? Does sex-drive go through the roof?

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    It should not have kicked in so quickly. IMO. It usually takes about four weeks toi fill the effects of eq/test. And yes once you start feeling the effects it does increase your sex drive. Rock hard and can last longer than a porn star (well the later was a lie, but you get what I am saying).

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    You can feel the effects of test within a few days as far as sex drive goes. It takes about four weeks to notice muscle gains. The sex drive gets better and better until the end of the cycle. Lasting longer than a porn star is an understatement. You will get to the point where it takes hours to get off, and when you do, you recover while your still inside her and want to go again. You crave sex anytime there is a woman around. Just an incredible experience. My girl was serious when she asked me if I was ever a gigolo.

    The problem is, it gets annoying after awhile. I'm 37 years old and I get raging hard just driving on a bumpy road. Not a bad problem to have at my age I guess.

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    Im on exact cyle and notice size difference in the 7th week and yes i want sex all the time. Im in my 9th week now and love the hard look I have developed.

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    Yes, Test will make your soldier stand up whether there's work to be done or not.
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