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    Question d-bol/sus cycle need advise please

    Guys I have a question. I have 220 D-bols(bionabols) and 40 shots of Pakistani Sus, at 40 mg a week of the d-bol and 4 shots aweek of sus do you think that I will see good results. This is my third cycle, I am 5'9 about 183ish. I can get Deca (Greek Norma) but the shit crushes my wallet at 160 for 10 amp, I don't know but that friggan steep Right. I was getting TT300 for 160 I don't know, will 200 mg of deca a week really matter or is this cycle sufficiant.
    thanks Guys: Lil Mack lift:

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    Bro try and get rid of half of your susts and get some deca with that.
    40mgs dbol 1st 4 weeks and 500 mgs of sust with 400mgs of deca weeks 1-10 would be the way to go bro. You can find someone in your gym who you can exchange your susts for some deca. Peace NICO..

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    my first cycle was sustanon and d-bols
    I gained 30 pounds !!!!!!!!!!! and kept 25 ! everyone of my buddies on juice thought that was fucked. I don't know I think my body handels juice good ...I was too skinny 135 and now 160 now I am takin fina and deca and off for a while. So my thinkin is go for that one. But what do I know I just got into this shit

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