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Thread: gains ??

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    gains ??

    I just started a cycle of fina 75mg/day and deca spectro 200mg/week
    I weigh 160 and this is only my second cycle. I was wondering how much should i expect to gain with proper diet and proper workout.
    I know this is a kinda fucked up question couse alot off things affect it but any type of input is helpfull.

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    the original jason is offline AR-Hall of Famer / Retired
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    up an ass
    you could possibly gain a new pair of titties if you are not carefull with that cycle due to progesterone sides!!, saying that only 200mg of deca might not have that effect depending how prone you are to it. Again I dont know why u r taking deca and fina? and why such a small amount cos its hardly worthwhile? also how old r u??


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    BlueDiamondZ is offline New Member
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    Jun 2002
    thats what my buddy said too he says I should take winny and fina ....
    I havent started the deca yet I just took three shots of fina three days should I get winny instead
    p.s. not prone to gyno........never even realy got it in puberty

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