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    Question Experienced advice required

    Need some advice
    a short background,
    Im 33 years old and consider myself intermediate (even though i have been training for 7 years now) as you are always learning right! Have done Decca for ten weeks around 4/5 years ago with good gains but lots of water retention!! Since then I have trained naturally and have made good gains. Now I have decided to do a cycle.
    I have good proportion although I am not huge, am reasonably lean 80kg, 5'7.
    I have read the profiles and various cycles and I know the pros and cons even though I am not an experienced user and I am not a kid so I have made a mature descision. However I am still confused and need to be pointed in the right direction.
    I want to gain good hard lean muscle(dont we all!) without water retention so decca is out, I also want to play safe as possible, I want to gain quality hard muscle-not neccesarily bulk up, although I also dont want to just cut.
    I was considering Primobolan depot(250mg per week) with Sust 250-(250mg per week) for 10 weeks. will this give good gains and help me gain strength and stay lean? do I need HCG ,Clomid and Nolvadex ?
    the other considerations where Primobolan and winstrol , or primobolan and decca but I wanted to avoid decca if poss.
    Perhaps you guys could advise me. One important thing I need to keep the cycle as simple as possible, perhaps only be able to do shots on Fridays as the misses must not know!!So combining too many things makes it difficult. This is another reaso why I dont want to just bulk.
    Perhaps a few example cycles of various stacks could be suggested by you guys.
    Thanks and peace.

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    Based on your goals i would do something along this line:

    500mg Test Prop( i say prop because sounds like you want water rentention as low as you can)
    400mg EQ per week
    Could run 400mg week of Primo either last 6 weeks of cycle or whole cycle if money is not a big issue.
    To really stay dry add in .25 .5mg of amerdriex ED. This cycle would kick in fairly fast due to prop, with EQ starting to kick in about 3 weeks into cycle.

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    Based on your name and quoting kg's I am guessing you are in a country where it may be difficult to obtain eq. eye_candy has written a good cycle for you. I would add tren but if you can't get eq then then you probably can't get tren either. If by chance you have access to these then...
    Test 500mg
    Tren 75mg/day

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    Yeh, im eq maybe a problem, so none of the aforementioned any use then, winny, primo or sust.
    Also any advise on how to cycle the hcg , clomid nolvadex .
    sorry for all the questions but i guess you understand its important to get it right b4 i do anything.

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    Primowon't give you that great of gains, but they are permanent...Here is a simple cycle for ya keeping injections to a minimun like you want. 500mg of sust a week, shots on Tues & Sat...Mon & Fri...whatever, drink 1 50mg amp of winny ed, and run arimidex at .25mg ed to keep off water bloat. Clomid should be 2 weeks after last sust injection, day 1 300mg of clomid, next 10 days 100mg, next 10 50mg, and you should keep all those gains. Nolva isn't necessary if you use arimidex or liquidex and I don't think you'll need HCG for such a mild cycle.

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    dude sust will give you retention, but if you are lean i dont think it would be out of hand... doing prop may not be a good idea, because of the frequent injections...
    eq would be great if you could get it... but i wouldnt do just test if you cant get it... also you should have no probs with deca if you use either arimidex or if you are SO worried about sides but dont have too much money run nolva at 10-20mg Ed through cycle (dont believe it will take away gains) and run proviron at 25-50mg ED if you want...
    and to figure out how to cycle all these things, do a search bro, read the educational forum, at 33 you know how to learn and in this situation it would be a GOOD THING, because there are many things that go into using. MM

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