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Thread: coming off diet

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    coming off diet

    Hey guys,
    Im gettin ready to come off and I dont want to lose alot of weight but I know its inevitable but my question is about my diet. Do I need to trim down my calories and carbs when I come off or should I still try to eat between 3000 to 4000 calories a day? And will this now without AS in my system begin to store as fat?

    Thanks for any input

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    Immediately post cycle I plan to keep my Kcal up at the same level. As if you drop Kcal, you will be effectively dieting and will lose weight.

    You may have to drop Kcal slightly but I'd do that gradually over 4 weeks or so.

    If your eating clean you should hopefully maintain size rather than add b/f.


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    Thanks Al
    Thats what I figured, but I eat pretty clean so I ll just slowly taper it down over the next month.


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    yes BA is rght dont drop your cals post cycle its a factor some people dont realise contributes towards holding gains and losing them if you diet to soon. Its best to let the new muscle settle before you diet and starve them from nutrients can lose it all very quick if you dont I would wait a minimum of 1 month before diet after a mass cycle


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