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    Anyone else very tired when on AS?

    OK, I'm into 6th week of this cycle:

    Week 1-8: Test Cyp at 250mg/week
    Week 1-8: Omnas at 250mg/week
    Week 1-6: Fina at 76mg eod
    Week 5-9: Winstrol at 25mg ed (drunk)

    Also taking .5mg Armidex ed.

    This and past week I have noticed that I'm very tired. Not physically, but mentally. It's hard to think and concentrate thoughts, but easier to sleep and daydream... anyone else having similar effects?


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    Yea, ive been noticing im getting tired too. I dont know if its the heat or what?

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    yup bro it happens all the time i guess its all that oil floting threw ur system.notice how when u come of the roids u feel much faster and better.not to mention not being depressed also. dont worry though its just a side effect.they say equipoise gives u energy i think not what up with that, not only equipose but all roids ,makes u think about it ,real or fake gear.since im on da subject i tell u what i thought yesturday ,mexican gear is low cost but then i heard steroids are expensive. so im thinking maybe this farmacias dont give u all the quality in ur vial, from some results u see mostly fat and water on some roids u think they have more estrogen than the real deal.but then again just a though.

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    first real cycle, I gained so fast and hard I literaly trained, ate, and had several naps a day. I'd wake up in the morning knowing my body was growing termendously over the night.. you feel differently when you gain that hard.

    mentaly? well I was tired so that could effect it.

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    could be high bp as well, think of that? As for me, I never get high bp but I am ALWAYS tired... remember, you think and act as if you are BIGGER AND BETTER when you are doing and this makes you push that much HARDER AND MORE INTENSE in the gym that it literally takes everything out of you. Could be THAT, I think so.

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    I'm with yall on that. I'm definately more tired when on then when off. No matter what is included or must be all the extra hormones floating around somehow causing it. I duno. . .I just like to sleep, I guess.

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    i stay tired period

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    i get physicaly tired i think it from the body not being used to the extra 20 lbs.if you think about it when not cycling carry around a water cooler jug(20 lbs) all day for 12 wks and see how tired you get
    as far as mentally tired,well im burned out so i wont touch that one

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