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    What do you think of next cycle

    200 to 400mg deca -redijects per week
    10 d-bol a day first six weeks
    start at 500 sust250, work up to 1,000 a week
    for six straight weeks
    plus add cytomel at about week 3 for 6 weeks

    Im 205 know relitivley lean at 5'7
    I plan on getting up to about 230-240

    this is the first time Ive done a deca ,d-bol ,sust cycle
    Ill run this for about 14 weeks Then throw some clom and
    hcg in. THen Ill start my maintnance cyle of whinny,and clen .

    Then Ill jump back on about 500mg eq, and 1,000 mg cyp for my last
    gaining cycle before pre-contest diet starts

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    Apr 2002
    come on guys, what do ya think

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    first off its hard to even understand what your doing and for how long,lets see,are u running it for 6 or 14 weeks?i also assume that the dbols are 5 mg that really helps when you specify mgs instead of 10 dbols a day.i would run th dbol no more then 4 weeks at 50 mgs ,1 gram of test is alot so assume that uve got some under your belt,cytomel is good in conjunction with the clen so id do those two together,are u bridging with winny?

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