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    Exclamation Guys Please Help Me Im Bugging Out

    Ok guys heres the deal... This is my 4th cycle...I am not going to name names of who i got this stuff from but I am having some serious problems.. I got 2 btls of deca 300 and 3 btls of t200 and I was running the test at 700mg per week and the deca at 600mg per week.. I am now in my 7th week and I have had no weight gains but some decent strength gains. The problem is however, I cant get hard for sex. I should be hard at all times during the day. This is ridiculous. I feel soo embarassed and I dont know whats causing it. THeres no way it can be DecaDick because I am taking plenty of test to offset that. I am going to discontinue the product tomorrow and I was wondering if to jump start my natural test levels can I start clomid therapy immediately? Guys I seriously need your expertise on this matter because I have no idea whats going on. Is this going to be a long term problem for me now. DId i buy fake shit? I dont know guys what do you think it is..

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    Try some proviron at 50-75mg ed. That should get ya up.

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    I dont understand, with all the test, why you couldnt get it up. When I take test, I can't get it down.

    BUMP for someone w/ experience in this matter.

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    No actually your not necessarily taking enough test (your only taking 100 more mgs then deca )people can get deca dick even with test!!Maybe you should just lower the deca to 300-400mg week what do you think guy's!!

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    i would lower the deca to 400 mg wk keep the test at 600 and start proviron ,you will have to wait 3 wks to start clomid since the drugs are still active in your system for that long

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