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    Apr 2002

    Dbol/sus/deca second cycle what ya think?

    I have 30 shots of sus 250(pakistan)

    220 d-bols(bionabols)

    10 shots of greek deca (NORMA)

    This is all I have money for, even though I would like to run the deca at 400 mg/week the price smashes my roll. My question is will the below set up give good results. I think I should be fine but I would like some other comments please. I am 5'9 and 184ish.

    Sus 250-750mg/week

    deca-200mg/week or every 5 days

    d-bol/30-40mg ed for 4weeks

    What do you you guys think alright for a second cycle. I do have clomid and nolva+ milk thistle.
    thanx lil mack

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    real close to what i'm doing at 242
    i'm doing 750mg sus/omni
    400mg deca
    25mg per day dbol first 5 weeks

    just ended 5 weeks and upping test to 1000mg cause ended dbol-for a couple of weeks

    your cycle looks good --to bad about deca needs to be up

    i've gained about 5lbs weight off it and lost about 3" in waist so probably a 12lb gain in muscle so far

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    I say Keep sus at 500/week. You may be dissapointed by only 200mg of Deca , but only you know what your body responds to. 30-40mg Dbol is a good dosage.

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