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    Question sus250/dbol together or single

    Hey bros
    I've been training for about just four years, and the last yea and a half pretty hard. I have been researching for about 4-5 months and would just like a opinion. I can get my hands on sustanon 250 and dbol thais.... It would be my 1st cycle and was wondering if it would be good to take these together or one alone by itself. WOuld there be any advantages or disadvantegs to both. An i am assumung through my research that i would need armidex or nolvadex to fight the gyno, retention and such...
    Thanks bros,

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    Mmmmm, I think you should get some more experience under your belt before using AAS, however since you have it your not going to leave it now !. I wouldn't.
    Without knowing more stat's like your age and body weight, BF% levels included it's very hard to recommend a Sust/Dball cycle for you.
    If I was to assume (and I hate assuming) that your the average young BB'er looking at steroids I'd say first look at your diet and exercise routines first. They are go hand in hand. So here's what I'd recommend (without the knowledge and stats I'd need).
    1wk Sustanon @ 500mg and Dball starting at 25mg per day working up to 35mg per day in the end of that week. Continue the cycle up to wk 8, including the dball, but taper off the dball in wk8.
    Yes get the usual ancillery drugs like Armidex, Clomid etc..
    When your on your cycle try to get as much good quality protein into you, approx 1.5g to 2g per lb of lean body weight. Oh, and drink plenty of water.
    Remember when your in the gym, the steroids WILL NOT do the work for you, this is the time you have to start busting a ball to grow otherwise leave the steroids to someone else.


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    i agree with bouncer
    do sus at 500mg per week thats 2 shots taken on say mon and thurs to give even levels throughout each week
    dbol hell yea it starts the sus as it takes up to 3 weeks to see anything from sus--but i usually go only 5-6 weeks with dbol and you can do sus 8-10 weeks
    remember to get clomid and 3 weeks after last sus shot do clomid if you want to keep gains

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