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    Exclamation do you see any problem with adding deca to this??

    i am currently on my 3rd week of primo, first 3 i did 200mg i am slowly going to increase my dose up to 400mg, then taper down and mabey hit 300 mg of deca per week ,about a quater a way through begin 50 mg of winny every other day and clen the last two weeks. i am asking the question about the deca??? i mabey want to get it and include it.Do u think i will see better gains then just with the primo and winny...gimmie some advise, oh and i willl be paying $275.00 for a 2ml bottle.

    does any one have a simmilar cycle what type af gains....because i have not seen too many gains, plenty of sleep, hard work , food, and cardio.

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    did you say $275. for 2ml bottle its late i may not be thinking but isnt that 2 ccs. yes deca would help to gain more from cycle but without test may get sides like deca dick--no hard ons

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    I got really great gains on 50mg of winny ed and 400-500 mg/wk of deca . The deca will give you minor bloat but the winny seems to keep it in check. Also the deca will help joint stiffness associated with winny.

    Never tried primo. Sounds like you are trying to cut up and keep LBM. I dropped 12 pds of Bf and managed to put on 4 pds LBM last summer on this cycle over 10 weeks.

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