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    Erection or Ejaculation pre-workout

    This strictly isn't a steroid question, but I figured I'd post here anyway since you guys seem to know lots about testosterone . I've read somewhere that its a good idea to get an erection before a workout because that can raise test levels, however, ejaculating lowers them, so just a quick erection and hit the workout? I've tried this before and gotten great pumps and highs, but maybe it was all in my head. Any truth to this?

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    I believe that's just in your head.....both of them.

    I need a little down time after I shoot a load, so there's no way I'm squirtin before a workout. Makes me a little tired. Good remedy to get to sleep though.

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    would probably agree with the "it is all in my head" comment. I really don't think that it would make that big of a difference.

    I good buddy of my swears by it though. He goes out with his women friends..gets it all going they are doing there thing and then he just says ...look I have to go..and heads to the gym...says his workouts are unbelieveable.

    I don't really know about that..but he swears by it. IMO first of all I wouldn't be able to stop... and second of all...if she was a good wouldn't be keeping her for long if you kept that shit up.

    just thought I would share that with yeah

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    gotta be all in your head...

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    Its a creative though, but total BS. There are other ways to get warmed up then letting lots of blood fill up my Jimmy.
    Two things you never, NEVER want to do before you workout:

    1.) Have Sex. (includes masturbation)
    2.) Tan (all of the water leave your body. Water=Power)
    3.) Eat a lg. amount (especially before legs and or Back day)
    4.) Drink

    Separate the sex from the Lifting............It will disract you. You will get hurt in the long run. DAM. There are hot babes everywhere in my gym. Life sucks right now.

    8 days out.
    Big R.

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