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    Anavar strength gains?

    I am contemplating cycling anavar /creatine for a strength and very light mass cycle. I really dont need to gain anymore weight for my sport and I dont want to deal with the test shutdown at the end of a big cycle either. Anyway, with regards to the strength I will gain with anavar, will I be able to keep it when I stop taking? I was looking at 25-30mg a day as to avoid the test shutdown. I was also curious as to how long to run the anavar. Any help would be great. Oh yeah, I am 6'4, 255-260 and really just want strength with some moderate weight gain.

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    bro var will shut you down even at low doses (argued issue)but it will u still need clomid for post.30 -40 mg is where u want it.your strength will drop some after your off but all the other gains u will keep,it is 17 alk .so depending on the dose ,thats how long u can run it for,at say 40 mg 4-5 weeks should be sufficient,

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