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    Question wierd results on second week of cycle

    I have been trying to figure why this has happen to me on my second week of my cycle......
    so if anyone can help or experience the same thing please feel free to tell me how you overcame it...

    this is how my cycle is plan
    1-10 sus @ 500mg per week - russians
    1-5 d-bols @ 40mgs everyday - thai pinks
    8-12 winny @ 50 everyday -

    so i have started my cycle last sunday and had GREAT results with my test and d-bol.... gain a amazing 7 pounds in 7 days in my first week... in my head i was thinking that i would continue that pace until the 4 or 5th week..... But weirdly enough i weigh my self today (friday) and i didn't gain a pound....

    So my question is does most ppl experience a short gain on the d-bols and then it slowly does off like in my case or am i doing something wrong?

    i have came up with several soluation..
    i might up the dose to d-bol 50 mgs per day ...
    or maybe it's just the time or amount i'am taking at once..
    i have split up my does to 10 mgs every 4 hours since it's half-life usually tails-off around that time...

    So if anyone can give me some advice it would be a huge HELP..


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    Í´m doing same cycle as you are, except for just 20mgs of the dbols. This is my 1st cycle. I´m now on day 17, and when I weighed myself on day 11 I was 267 pounds, had gained 14 pounds, but after that hardly anything.

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    answer: food.

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    guess what that 7 pounds consist of. It is not muscle mass, thats for sure. Its water weight, some fat and some muscle mass, in 7 days maybe 1 pound, probably less. Since the water buildup is over you are not gaining any more weight this way and from now on you will buildup real muscle and that takes a while, even on steroids .
    otherwise, the cycle looks good, no need to change it. Eat big and you will grow real muscle in the coming weeks at a reasonable pace.

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    I had the same results on my cycle. For me, the weight gain stopped after week 2, but week 6, the full efffects of the test started to kick in, and weight started to go up again. Maybe you'll see the same.

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