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    Exclamation Can I Run ? ? ? ?

    Im going to start my D-bol cycle next Monday taking 20mg the first two days then 25mg then finally 30 by the end of the first week for three more weeks at 30mg a day then on my last week(5th) slowly decrease my dosage to nothing then starting on post-cycle of Clomid for two weeks. In the process of taking D-bol, since I have to condition for football, can I run long distance runs and spirits,will it effect my heart or for that matter anything else ?

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    Welcome to AR...

    No test? No flame here but a "dbol only" cycle can only do more harm then good. It'll be next to impossible to keep your gains even with the clomid IMO. Use it as a jumpstart to a cycle for the psychological benefits (Ex. So you don't wonder when the test is going to kick in).

    I'll bump this for more opinions cause I'm sure there are more who wouldn't agree on this cycle.....Remember no flame just looking out for you bro.

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    For some reason, you posted this question twice. Patience is a virtue, my friend! Like I said in the other post.....d-bol only cycle isn't a good idea. Listen to sav, and stack it with something!!! D-bol is a great way to help start a cycle, but doesn't work very well by itself! Keep us posted and good luck!!!!

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    There is a post, i cannot remember the name or poser, but the topic was an experiment using low dosages of d-bol only and he had good results.

    You may want to search for posts on D-bol, heh im addicted to it, i bump lots of old posts.

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    what level of football are you playing??...If your playing at the level where there is a possibility of being tested, make sure you know when they start random testing and read up your detection times, would be a shame to fail a drug test and your season goes down the drain if not your whole playing career. Most of the guys that I've played with that have used d-bol didnt do alot of conditioning when they were on it as mostly all of them used it in a cycle with some sort of test at the beginning of the off others have said, it may be hard to keep any gains

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