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    EQ - Question- Does this really matter??

    Fina 75mg eod week 1-6
    Sus 500mgs per week 1-12
    EQ 600mgs per week 1-12
    Winny 50mgs eod weeks 7-14
    My question is does it matter is i do 300mgs twice a week of Eq / or 100 mgs EQ 6 times a week , i just want to add something with the fina since it will be a eod shot. does it matter how it is taken as long as you get 600 mgs per week ????

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    it doesn't really matter as long as you stay consistent. But you will find drawing 100mg of eq eod will start to become a pain in the ass. The less you have to do the better. Do it twice a week and keep it simple.

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    2x wk is the best route
    id would keep it lower the the test 400 mg wk would do
    and i would do the tren everyday

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    Awesome looking cycle. Gains will be excellent. Definately run tren ed. 1/2cc ed, and rotate b/w delts, quads, and glutes. Or if you want to try spot can do that as well. (

    If you're gonna be shooting tren ed, there is no harm in shooting eq ed with it...but if you want to keep it simple, go with what FI and 4P said. Either way...get ready, you're in for one helluva ride.

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