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    sten and deca cycle???

    i have 8 amps of sten (1 amp contains 100mg of test) "test prop and cyp " I also have deca 300 question is...which should i take first the deca or the sten/test? how should i run it over a 10-12 weeks cycle.
    can someone write up like a pyramid cycle??

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    In a cage near you...
    Get more test, either enanthate or cypionate ...

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    bro ui need alot more test

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    i used sten once during a cycle (2 amps per week).
    it did nothing but make me tired as hell. I only trained
    about 3-4 times during the entire cycle. I have no
    doubt that it was real, but i believe it is garbage. If
    you use it at all, definitely add some cyp or enanthate
    to the cycle. I think that is just to low of a dosage,
    and will actually end up lowering your total test levels
    even more than when not juicing, as it is enough to
    knock down natural test production, but not enough
    to make up for the loss.

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