hey everyone I'm new to the board, love it!!!!!! it looks to me that you people have got your stuff together when it comes to bodybuilding. I was wondering what the best supplements to take for max results while leaning up. I am 6'1"220lb about14%bf I lift 4-6 days a week I do my best to eat healthy,(I count calories) roughly6-7 meals a day amounting to about 2200 calories a day. lose to 50% carbs, 40%protien, and 10% fat. I train very hard and consistant, my cardio work is half hour run in the morning, two hour boxing class in afternoon, also go on a bike for about 10-15min after weight training. I've been looking for the right stack to go on so I can get ripped a little faster andnot only keep but maybe gain a few pounds of muscle. looked at some clen , also winny the 50mg tabs that are blueand round, I have never heard of them but I saw a couple of threads that talked about them. I have taken winny before with sust 250 the only cycle I ever tried butt I liked it. so any way any help would be greatly appreciated-thanks