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Thread: Second Cycle

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    Second Cycle

    I'm hoping to start my second cycle sometime in august or september. I just got done with my cycle below, and it was ok, but I want something that is going to make me very vascular now. I feel like I'm big enough and I just want something that I'm going to gain quality muscle from.
    I was thinking of 600EQ for 10 weeks, and winstrol depot 50ed for 6 weeks. Does this sound like a good cycle? And should I add in something for the first six weeks along with the EQ as i'll only be taking the winny from weeks 7 to 12?

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    bump. Anyone?

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    Ryan, that cycle sounds bang on to me. Depending on funds you may even want to consider throwing in test propionate for 10 weeks as well...I love prop.

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    For sure add at least 500mg of test in there, EQ will be hard on sex drive without test, plus gains will be better with the test in cycle

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